RHIZAL's goal is to reconnect you with your feet, and your feet with the Earth.

We're crafting grounded, barefoot, natural shoes you'll actually want to wear.

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Sizing / Fit

RHIZALs generally fit true to size and are designed to be worn without socks. Listed sizes are US sizing.

There is some flexibility in the sizing, as a snug pair will stretch and break-in more than a loose pair. Ideally they will be slightly snug at first and quickly break-in to perfection. 

If you're between sizes, each product page has a sizing tab with more specific info for that style. You may prefer to size up if you prefer a looser fit or plan on wearing thick socks. The womens Brio slip-on runs a touch small.

We offer free size exchanges within the US. International exchanges must cover return shipping.

Product Details

RHIZAL (ry - zal) is inspired by the mycorrhizal network: a communication network in the soil where trees communicate with each other through their roots.

Myco means fungi, and rhizal means roots (or of roots, from singular rhizae).

RHIZAL represents reconnecting to the ground.

Most shoes today have serious issues: They smash your toes into a narrow point and have cushion and "support" that weaken your feet.

Barefoot shoes have:

  • a wide toebox, giving your toes the space they need.
  • no raised heel and no arch support, perfect for natural foot movement.
  • a thin and flexible sole, so you feel the ground.

Earth has a natural negative charge which your ancestors were in sync with 24/7.

When you spend all day indoors or wear rubber-soled shoes outdoors, you are now almost never grounded (in sync with Earth's charge).

RHIZALs have a pure 100% copper plug which goes through the sole of the shoe. Your foot is making contact with the copper, and the copper is making contact with the ground.

The natural leather sole is fairly conductive on its own as it is a biologically native material. The copper plug creates an undeniable connection. 

While they are designed to be worn without socks, you will still be grounded with most socks (especially if natural materials, and if you're even slightly sweating).

Simply touching copper doesn't ground you. Copper is highly conductive, so your foot is "touching" the ground via the copper. 

Surfaces that are grounded include concrete sidewalks, grass, dirt, and sand.

Surfaces that are not grounded include indoor floors and asphalt roads.  

Pretty much no. It's flat on the side that your foot touches. 

When brand new, the copper plug sticks out slightly on the ground-facing side. Copper is a soft metal so this will wear down until flush. This ensures you always have great contact to stay grounded. You may feel it slightly at first, but not a problem. 

Our shoes don't have synthetic rubber-plastic outsoles - just natural water buffalo leather. 

When brand new, they can be a little slippery. After your first walk on cement, the minor scuffs will add some traction. Be a little careful at first! 

No! You'll be amazed how effective the natural leather is at absorbing sweat and minimizing smell. 

RHIZALs are designed to be worn without socks, but go for it if you prefer!

It is not recommended. They are natural leather, and getting them wet can speed up how quickly they wear. A touch won't ruin them! 

The Rana flip flop can get wet, but can be slick!

Yes! We're just getting started with lots more to come. Let us know what you hope to see!

RHIZALs are handcrafted by artisans in Turkey and Pakistan using traditional generational methods. 


If a size is out of stock, the add to cart button will change to made-to-order

When you place a made-to-order order, we'll get to work crafting your shoes. 

Made-to-order shoes are currently expected to ship within ~3 weeks or less.

Still eligible for exchanges or returns.

For special sizes or other minor customizations, contact us


Shipping, Exchanges, & Returns

RHIZALs offer flexibility in the way they fit. If on the snug side they will stretch more, and on the big side, some may prefer a relaxed fit.

Ideally they should be slightly snug (but not constricting) to perfect fit at the beginning, and then will loosen up.

If you do need a different size, no problem! 

Contact us to set up a free exchange. International orders must cover return shipping.

We offer free shipping on all US orders! Your order will typically ship within 24 hours via USPS and generally arrive within 2-5 days. (This is after any made-to-order production time quoted, for out of stock styles)

For international orders, shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. Import taxes may apply depending on your country and are your responsibility.

We do! International shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

For international returns or exchanges, you must cover return shipping back to us.

Import taxes may apply depending on your country and are your responsibility.

If you don't want to exchange them, we offer a 60-day return window for shoes in unworn condition. 

Contact us to start a return.